Our Mission, Our Values…



To be our customer’s Number One business partner in efficiency, service and price, linking manufacturers of major food, beverage, and health, beauty & wellness brands to top quality distributors.

Uniquely located in metropolitan San Juan, Puerto Rico, our highly skilled staff encompasses experience and knowledge of the international arena. We are a business-to-business master supplier whose own accomplishments depend on the success of our distribution partners.


CasAmerica International and its people are committed to being good to the community and the earth that nurtures us all as we endeavor to develop our manufacturer’s brands.

We aim to maintain a low carbon imprint through the efficiencies we bring to the marketplace, for example our business model, in which the products go directly from the manufacturer to our customers in the Caribbean and Latin America with no extra trucking or warehousing in between.

Being good to the community and keeping our friends and family healthy is a very important part of our culture. CasAmerica prides itself in being a major donor to United Way’s Feeding America, we proudly donate 10% of corporate net earnings to many distinguished charities worldwide. Also many of the brands we represent are all natural and organic a direction we’d like to continue on.